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Gifting with loved ones is one of the most important reasons that strengthen human relations and making it permanent. However, it is not always easy to choose the right gift that will make your relatives happy. A good gift should be sincere, thoughtful, unique and lasting. As Wooden Cartoons, we thought that, there is no better gift than making funny and sincere cartoon designs with your photographs taken to immortalize the moment. We are producing specially designed products that you can give as gifts or just for fun. Our products are based on your photos and design ideas that you want to make a cartoon with it. Therefore, The subject of the cartoon could be anything that you can imagine, but you can also visit our website or Instagram account for look through some of our previous works.


Birthday celebrations are dominantly fun-oriented organizations. Therefore, choosing a funny or humorous and thoughtful present might be the right choice. Our customized handmade cartoon designs are the right address for such a gift! If you want to see some of our funny and humorous products, please visit our website or Instagram account.


 Anniversaries are must-have times for gifting with your loved ones. With your gift that you have prepared before, you need to show how thoughtful you are. By doing this, your anniversaries such as wedding anniversary, death anniversary, new year anniversary etc. will be unforgettable and became a good memory for your loved ones. As Wooden Cartoons, we are producing custom design handmade wooden cartoons that you can use as a gift for every kind of anniversary. With your own design idea, you can make your anniversary celebration or commemoration immortal! We can engrave your romantic or humorous cartoon ideas into a first class 4 mm wood MDF (which is obviously increasing the permanency of the gift)! Please visit our website or Instagram account to see our previous works.


 In addition to anniversaries, family growth announcements, new birth celebrations, engagements, ornament for your friends, family, for yourself or just a causeless gift for anyone else, our wooden cartoon products will be unique and one of its kind! The subject of the product could be humorous, romantic, epic, stylish etc. or both at the same time. Therefore, it will be convenient and adaptable present or souvenir for any kind of situation.


As Wooden Cartoons, we are cartooning your ideas on wood for wall art(canvas), key chains and night lights. Our graphic team will make a handmade cartoon from your photos that you have send to us. Do not forget that, with surface varnishing, our products are durable for many years without discoloration or flaking. Visit our website or Instagram account for further information, shipping details and design ideas. Do not hesitate to contact with us!